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if you've been looking for the next stage in your fitness, look no further. this advanced class will keep your conditioning level high, while adding an addictive strength training element.
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Movement and Nutrition 101

INTRODUCTION TO FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENTS AND METHODOLOGY AND COUNSELING ON HOW TO FUEL YOUR BODY FOR FITNESS AND LIFE! This class is perfect for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. We will only be taking small amount of people to keep class sizes personal so don't wait.
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CFCL Kettlebell offers strength and conditioning training using kettlebells and bodyweight movements. Along with the six foundational movements – swing, goblet squat, Turkish get up, clean, military press, and snatch, CFCL Kettlebell also incorporates push presses, push jerks, loaded carries, windmills, and many variations of the foundational movements all following StrongFirst hardstyle principles. For example, variations of the basic Russian hardstyle kettlebell swing include the one-handed, double, power, and hand-to-hand swings. Hardstyle kettlebell training builds explosive strength and can help improve your other lifts and movements that rely on explosiveness in the hips, including the oly lifts and box jumps. The Turkish get up is an all in one strength, functional, and corrective exercise that can be used to increase your overhead presses and improve your movement quality. The kettlebell is also used for other mobility movements including the pullover, halo, crooked arm bar and prying goblet squat. CFCL Kettlebell classes include skill, strength, conditioning and mobility work that will not only complement, but enhance your traditional CrossFit training.
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