Hit2Fit Membership

Hit2Fit membership is designed for those that will be taking on the Hit2Fit Challenge. This challenge has two pathways: 1. Recreational, and 2. Competitive. 1. The first pathway is for those that would like to compete in the HIT2FIT as a recreational member. This includes attendance in the recreational classes at Bulldogs, team fundraising for a local charity and team challenges. 2. The second pathway is for those that are looking to take part in Ring Challenge. This includes both Bulldog recreational classes, as well as Hit2Fit Technical and Sparring sessions, , team fundraising for a local charity and team challenges. Hit2Fit is organized by Boxing for Wellness, and Bulldogs takes care of all your training and challenges. At Bulldogs Hit2Fit Membership Includes: - Access to all Bulldog Adult Recreation Boxing and Warrior Conditioning Classes. - Access to Hit2Fit Technical/ Sparring Sessions (Competitive Hit2Fit Members) - Access to Mezzanine - Hit2Fit Special Team Challenges - All Virtual Classes - Virtual Recordings
Membership Length Setup Fee Monthly Price  
4 months - Does Not Renew$0.00inc. tax$175.00inc. taxSign up