Adult Unlimited Membership (18+)

Includes all Adult Classes:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi&NoGi), Kickboxing, Wrestling/Judo & MMA

Member will pay month-to-month with no contract. Membership starts on the date of sign up and automatically renews until membership is cancelled by member. Member required to notify 15 days prior to next payment for any changes or cancellations. No Refunds. No Enrollment Fee. Membership may be subject to PSO (Provincial Sporting Organization) registration. (Example Ontario Kickboxing or Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association). By approving this transaction, I accept all terms and conditions of Armstrong Submission.

Start up kit for membership is $384.84+ which includes: Uniform, rash guard, shorts, gloves, cloth shin guards (upgrade to Hayabusa +$150), 1 year recreational membership with Ontario Kickboxing. Sizing and payment will take place upon first class.

Membership Length Setup Fee Monthly Price  
1 month - Renews After Every Expiration$0.00+0$115.00+14.95Sign up