West Valley, U-High, East Valley Baseball-Strategic Athletic Conditioning

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Queenax Circuit Training Membership-Spokane Valley Only and Includes 24 Hour Open Gym Access

Our Primary Membership offering at our Brand New Valley Gym. In addition to access to all of our High Intensity Circuit Queenax classes, each members will also get full 24 hour access to both Valley and Downtown Gyms.
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Downtown Open Gym Membership - 24 Hr Access

Includes 24 Hour Access to our Downtown Spokane Gym Only. Our Valley Gym requires the Queenax Circuit Training Membership.
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Strategic Personal Training

With our Strategic Personal Training program, you have the ability to train in a group of 5 people or less (a little competition is healthy!) up to 6 days a week. We include a complete training program design and implementation, and unlimited access to all of our circuit classes in addition to the Strategic Personal Training classes. Every workout is different! You won’t have to run on a treadmill, or use any other “cardio” equipment again, unless, of course, you want to! This program is available at both of our facilities, and you are welcome to stick with your favorite trainer or switch it up and see what each one has to offer! Last but not least, you also have access to our brand new state of the art equipment that no-one else has in the region!
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Strategic Athletic Conditioning

We have multiple training options for Collegiate, High School and Middle School athletes. All of our programs heavily emphasize proper technique as well as a focus on core stability and strength. Our athletes are required to go through a process of instruction before ever performing dynamic or explosive movements. Most athletes have an exaggerated dominant side, and we always begin every program with an emphasis on symmetric training. All of our programs have a purpose! What this means is every athlete is unique and has different physical and sport-specific needs. Together, we put together a training strategy that best fits their physical goals while peaking during their respective sports season. To do this we implement a year round program that takes into consideration Pre-Season, In-Season, Post-Season and Off-Season programming. While we do offer a summer “Youth Athletic Training Academy” we really emphasize all of our athletes participate in a year round training program that has a set monthly fee that includes unlimited access to our training staff.
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Single Payment Memberships

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Personal Training - Single Session [1 Unit Punch Card] $65.00+5.72Sign up
Personal Training - 5 Session Package [5 Unit Punch Card] $325.00+28.6Sign up
Personal Training - 10 Session Package [10 Unit Punch Card] $650.00+57.2Sign up

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